Industries Served


Steel-Pro has many years of experience fabricating vessels for the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industries. Whatever your project needs might be, we can help you! We have experience fabricating sanitary mix tanks, Chromatography Tanks, Retentate Tanks, WFI Storage Tanks, Buffer Tanks, Tulip Style Vessels, Single Use Bioreactors, Bioreactors, Fermentation Vessels, and much more. We can work with your desired layout or help you choose the best tank layout for your needs. All sanitary vessels can be fabricated to meet ASME BPE Standards and can range from atmospheric to pressurized.

Pulp & Paper

Located in Rockland, ME, Steel-Pro has extensive experience in the Pulp and Paper industry. From piping to large hold tanks to dispersion skid units, we can help meet your project needs. We have experience fabricating large Storage or Hold Tanks, Causticizers, Sulfuric Acid tanks and skids, Catch Tanks, Mix Tanks, ClO2 titanium piping systems, and much more. Let us know your project needs, and we can help find the most cost effective option for you!

Food & Beverage

Steel-Pro has many years of experience in the food & beverage industries and can fabricate all equipment to be 3A Sanitary compliant. Our experience in the pharmaceutical industry makes us more than capable to meet your sanitary needs. We can provide Beverage Hold Tanks, Liquid Hold Tanks, Mix Tanks, Brewery Equipment, Custom Silos, and much more. If it is a custom need, we can help.

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy has become an important part of our society today. Because of this we have experience in fabricating and designing your alternative energy equipment. Whether it is an Alternative Fuel Process Skid to a Storage Tank or a Vacuum Chamber to manufacture items for the solar industry, we have the experience to bring your project to life.

Life Sciences

The Life Sciences Industry goes almost hand in hand with the pharmaceutical industry. Steel-Pro has helped develop and fine tune many different products for the Life Sciences Industry. With experience fabricating and designing Single Use Bioreactors, Sanitary Mix Tanks, or other critical research equipment, we feel we are ready to meet your needs. All Life Science equipment can be manufactured to meet the ASME BPE standards and can range from atmospheric to ASME Section VIII Code Stamped Pressure Vessel.


The Chemical Industry is where it all started for Steel-Pro. Let us help you with your Reactor, Filter Vessel, Mix Tank, Evaporator, Distillation Column, or Pressure Vessel needs. We have years of experience with half pipe and dimple jacketed vessels and can fabricate in almost any alloy.

General Industry

With years of industrial fabrication experience Steel-Pro has the ability to help with your Piping, Hold Tank, Mix Tank, Storage Tank, and many other projects. With our extensive list of materials worked with, we have the expertise to complete your fabrication job, no matter how complex it might be and regardless of the industry you are a part of!