Left to Right Bringham Graf, Mason Kenney, Austin Peavey (Steel-Pro), Dalton Rossignol (Steel-Pro), Madison Bisson, Noah Neal

On December 6th, Steel-Pro hosted a tour and welding competition for Waldo County Technical Center students. Steel-Pro employees and WCTC graduates, Dalton Rossignol and Austin Peavey, were tour guides and facilitated and judged the competition. 

The competition focused on stainless steel flux core welding. The students each had two test coupons that consisted of a piece of 2” pipe tack welded to a flat plate. The students were required to weld a single pass fillet weld around the pipe. Once complete, they submitted their best coupon and were judged on fillet weld size, uniformity, shape and adequate fusion. The competition was broken into two segments, one for 11th grade students and another for 12th grade students. 

The winners were:

  • Madison Bisson, Junior, first year welding student
  • Noah Neal, Junior, first year welding student
  • Brigham Graf, Senior, 2nd year welding student
  • Mason Kenney, Senior, 2nd year welding student

Steel-Pro President, Steve Ladd, says “We love welcoming students and their instructors into our facility to provide a view into what careers are available after graduation. We’re fortunate to have skilled, dedicated employee owners in Dalton and Austin who are willing to teach and engage students in an interactive way. Welding talent is a much sought after skill and our ability to lean into education programs in our state has been an asset for us. Building relationships with welding instructors such as Kevin McKenney at Waldo County Technical Center has allowed us to showcase Steel-Pro as an option for graduates.” 

Steel-Pro is currently located at 771 Main Street in Rockland, Maine. It produces state-of-the-art stainless steel and alloy tanks and pressure vessels for Pharmaceutical, Alternative Energy, Life Science, Food and Beverage, and other industries.  Learn more about this company at the company website: https://steelprousa.com.